Mississauga, ON

Job Title Anodizer - Chemical Operator – Class1

Reporting to Production Manager


Anodic anodizing and chemical conversion of aluminum parts. Passivation of
corrosion resistant steel parts.


• The operator will chromic or sulfuric anodic anodize and coat by chemical conversion various aluminum parts to provide corrosion resistant surfaces.
• The operator will passivate the corrosion resistant steel parts to clean and enhance the corrosion resistance of their surfaces.
• The operator will select the holding racks according to the size, shape, and number of parts, will wire or clip the parts to racks and will immerse the racks in a series of cleaning/etching and rinsing tanks.
• The operator will operate abrasive-blasting equipment to abrade surfaces of metallic parts to remove scale, paint, grease, rust, dirt, and to impart specified finishing.
• The operator will load abrasives sand/grit/plastic of specified grade into machine hopper and will mask specified areas of object to protect from abrading action.
• The operator will insert both arms through glove-fitted cabinet openings and will manipulate the parts under blasting nozzle for specified time and examine the surface finishing and verify the conformance to specifications.
• Operate forklift, inspect, and perform maintenance of forklifts and other material handling equipment.
• Identify safety hazards in the workplace.

Required Knowledge
• Metal plating and basics of wet chemistry.
• Aerospace specifications.
• Basic computer knowledge and electroplating equipment.

Required Qualification and Experience
• High School diploma and 3 years electroplating experience.
• Valid certification to operate forklifts.

Pay $20+ to start


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